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I was born way back in 1963 and was brought up in Market Drayton, Shropshire, UK. I have been married to Tina since 1988 and have two daughters Claire who was born in 1992 & Stacey who was born in 1994. I work as a Team Manager for United Biscuits.

I have a number of interests including following England's most successful soccer team Liverpool, taking photos (badly), messing about on my PC & designing web sites.

The biggest interest I have is music this started to develop in the days of Glam Rock and the first record I bought was Slade - Cum On Feel The Noize. In 1975 I saw Queen's video for Bohemian Rhapsody on Top Of The Pops and from then on I have been a fan of QUEEN. Bohemian Rhapsody literally changed my life making music a very big part of it. I have a very wide musical taste and as I am getting older I am finding it is getting wider (just like my waist)! In the late '70's something very exciting happened in the British music scene Punk Rock. Like a lot of kids my age I became a big fan I think initially because it shocked my parents. I will never forget my Mums face when I brought home the first Sex Pistols album (Never Mind The Bollocks) bought from the proceeds of my paper round. I have followed one band in particular from that period The DAMNED

May 2007 with Author, Music Critic & Goldblade vocalist John Robb


May 2003 with Mr Happy Talk Captain Sensible


I have over the last twenty odd years seen the Damned many times and I have been extremely fortunate to have met them on a few occasions as well. Having invested in a digital camera in 2003 I have taken many pictures at Damned gigs and the best of these can be viewed on my flickr page which can be got to via the link at the bottom of the page.

in 1980 a friend of mine Gary Sewell asked me if I would help out with his band the Platinum Needles and I became their Roadie soon being promoted to Manager. I would have loved to have been able to have been in the band but my musical knowledge is unfortunately not matched by expertise. From 1980 to 1982 I was an important part of the Platinum Needles team and we had a great time. My main web site is an archive of the sights and sounds of this period. On the Platinum Needles web site you will find the whole story along with some video footage & MP3 files. I think my time with the Platinum Needles was a defining point in my life and I am still recovering over 25 years later! Again you will find a link to the site at the bottom of this page.

Gary is still playing and Is now performing as the Riffmaster Terminator. Previous to this he was front man for Shropshire's leading Rock band Blade. Information on both of these ventures are available through the Platinum Needles Web site.

In 2000 I graduated from Nottingham business School with a Diploma In Management Studies it was extremely hard work especially not having studied seriously for nearly 20 years.

I now live in Sandbach and have done since 1996 but with my Parents still living in Sleepy Hollow sorry Market Drayton I do get to go back from time to time and see a few of the old faces and we get to chat about the good old days. The internet has also led to a few people getting in touch who I haven't seen in years & years, I have also made some new friends through the Damned Message Board and subsequently met them at gigs. It is amazing all this new technology and the stuff you can do now just sitting in front of this beige box! I really should get a life! The other thing that puzzles me is how the hell did we manage before mobile phones. Even my Dad now has a mobile phone.

Claire, Stacey & Me - August 2009

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 Some music from friends of mine, The Platinum Needles, Blade, Final Hour & Sonic State


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